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TODAY I FEEL GOOD!- Friday, May 31, 2013

                                                                          TODAY I FEEL GOOD!


     This is how we like to feel every day, just put one foot on the ground.
In LLEIDA SISIS we ensure that when you enter the store you feel good, disconnect everything and just think of yourself. We take care of you find the garment that will make you feel special.


And if you have time and you feel like you know we always have a glass of cava
prepared for you,we like to celebrate with you.
In SISIS LLEIDA do our best to make you feel good!

And if you only have a short time you can take a stroll through our online store and if you need us advise you only have to send us a message.


morning 10h to 13h 45 '
afternoon 17h to 20h 30 '
Saturday afternoon closed


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5 WAYS TO COMBINE YOUR JEANS- Wednesday, May 22, 2013



                                5 WAYS TO COMBINE YOUR JEANS

Generally used pants are jeans, ease when combining and how easy it is to move from an informal to a more classic and sophisticated.

Today I propose 5 combinations for same jeans.

       1. -  T-Shirt and Pink Converse

     2.- Mini dress and sandals

     3.- Mini dress and sandals

     4.- Fringes vest and short boot

     5.- Blouse and heel shoe

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